Magellan Roadmate 5220-LM GPS Update

Magellan Roadmate 5220-LM GPS Update

How to update Magellan Roadmate 5220-LM GPS Device?

With the all-new landmark guidance, your routing instructions use landmarks instead of street names. You’ll hear instructions like “turn left at the shell gas station”. Then the upgraded junction view generates a large view of the freeway you are on and with unmistakable arrows, visually guides you to the correct lane. Further, regular map Updatesnullifies the chances of getting lost by making Magellan Roadmate 5220-LM GPS unit more precise than earlier, while traveling from your hometown to some unknown location, to the max extent.

That’s the reason for this written e-journal. To impart information about the easy steps required to take in order to mount Magellan Map update particularly for Roadmate 5220 LM device.

Smart GPS Eco and its role in update procedure –

Smart GPS Eco is a very essential element to process the Magellan GPS update in Roadmate 5220 LM device. And the reason is that; it is used to register the user’s device followed by the Magellan Roadmate GPS update. And which is the very purpose of this article!

But SmartGPS Eco is also used to update POIs, getting essential software updates, plus plans and sharing traveling experiences as feedbacks. And this would surely help the Magellan brand to make their services better and more convenient for our use, for the coming times.

Step by step guide to update Magellan Roadmate 5220 LM GPS –

The following below stated steps will help you to Update Magellan Roadmate 5220 LM GPS device in no time.

  1. Charge your device fully to avoid device discharging issues while updating the device.
  2. Now, visit
  3. Register your device at
  4. Connect your GPS module with your PC, with the help of a USB cord.
  5. Press Update option at
  6. Select your device from the given devices list.
  7. You will get a prompt to download the update at the PC screen.

Now your device got updated and ready to serve you the exact directions to reach your destination at the optimum pace. So ENJOY IT!

End Piece-

In the final segment, I just want to mention this whole blog is just for information’s sake. And it only contained the knowledge respect to the Magellan Roadmate 5220 LM Update. For any feedback or input, please share it under the remark section. Further, to more about GPS devices and their maps updates come to the official website ASAP.